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Our founder, Aaron, knows how important a professional environment is for productivity. However, he also knows how expensive and stressful it is to find an office, negotiate a contract, and then clean and maintain it. Plus, all the main co-working options are deep into hitec city which requires hours of endless traffic. Aaron wanted to create a space that helped to foster creativity to workers while also being close to home for flexibility.
That’s why he set out bring to India the first franchise of myCOoffice and establish it in KPHB Kuktpally Hyderabad, a huge residential area for many tech workers.
Since then, myCOoffice has been home to many entrepreneurs, freelancers, and companies. We look forward to discussing if we will be a good fit for you as well.


Our Objective

myCooffice is a Best Coworking space in KPHB with Fully Furnished Virtual Office, Serviced Office and Meeting Rooms. Plug and Play Office Space in KPHB Hyderabad for Start ups. Rent a desk in KPHB or Kukatpally can be a wonderful choice if you require a dedicated workstation away from your home.
Our virtual office KPHB is located in a convenient and accessible area of Kukatpally.

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